Essel Industrial Zone

Bachelor project, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, 2015.

The first vision for my final project is inspired by the utopian saying “Let there be Peace”. For Israelis as well as for Palestinians, the word Peace became a surreal concept that can only live in fairy tales. But what if it exists?

The visual identity imagines a co-operated industrial zone, located right in the middle of the area of conflict - the Gaza strip. The local public administration is in full charge of every aspect of daily life in the joined property of 26 factories - 13 Palestinians and 13 Israelis.

By manipulating two fonts into one typograhical pattern, I created a new visual language that means to clarify differences instead of ignoring them. The name ‘Essel’ refers to the stick carrying two buckets of water to and from a well, a symbol both of life and of human interactions.

Logo design, visual identity, infographics

Friends & Family:

Naama Moshinsky
Shahar Yatuv
Eli Magaziner
Alma Neeman
Matan Stauber
Yaniv Torem
Aviad Bar-Ness
The Papercut Factory

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