I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer from Tel-Aviv. 
I’m open to collaboration & 
commission work.

TLV Jaffa Municipality



The new widget presented by the Tel Aviv—Jaffa municipality app allows residents to easily ask for a waste disposal service, to clear up any kind of waste from public areas in the city.

This Feature is an addition to the already existing 106+ app, that allows users to report hazards and get real time respose. The waste disposal feature will launch on the summer of 2020.

Created at Aman Digital

Colu Technologies LTD.

Branding, Marketing, Ui&Ux, Web—design


Colu app encourages the local economy by rewarding positive actions with city currency. Powered by innovative technology, Colu connects people, businesses and city institutions, using everyday interactions to promote goals around civic development, mobility, sustainability, and public health. The Interactive city card works as a reward platform powered by a city coin — to nudge residents for behavioral change and keep the coin circulating locally.

Prince Music

Personal Project, Ui&Ux


Desktop music app and website dedicated to the most perfect musician, the artist formerly known as Prince. This personal project was created during one weekend, and is a result of an urge to acquire skills in the field of product design and to learn more about the means in which multidisciplinary art can be displayed.

You are Beautiful!

Direction, Production, Design


“You are beautiful!” is a series of multidisciplinary art events that took place in several venues in
Tel—Aviv and Jerusalem. The exhibition, powered by my alterego, presented more than 100 artworks, created by over 80 designers, artists, illustrators, photographers and other visual creators. All artworks were devoted to the topics of femininity, hope, protest, and rebellion, while all profits were donated to feminist organisations and NGOs. For more information check out the press releases: Portoflio MagazineUncoated Magazine.

Sisters in power: Simona Katsman, Gal Houbara, Yasmin Ben—Shahar

For any inquiries please contact: tamarmosh@gmail.com | +972.50.9589996